Just wanted to let y'all know that my wife and I are very pleased with our Watermax system! Your salesmen, Dean, was very honest and took his time explaining everything. He was not pushy or aggressive, but still laid out the facts. We felt very comfortable having him in our home and the purchasing process was painless. Your technician, Andrew, showed up right on time. He is professional, competent and just an all-around honest good guy. He was able to answer all my questions about the system and even chatted with me about motocross and the military. My wife and I are very confident that we made the right decision going with your company. Thank you.James Lowe
When I met with my salesperson initially he explained the whole water treatment process in terms I could understand. The installers arrived on time, gave me a brief explanation of what they were going to do and got right down to it. Before I knew it, they were finished and gave me the 123's of my new Hague water system. When the salesperson made his initial demonstration and determined that my water was extremely hard, you could see the mineral deposits already building up in my kitchen sink. I had only lived in my brand new house for about 3 weeks. Now that I have my new water treatment system, my sink looks sparkling clean like it should all the time. One night I got distracted and forgot to add the fabric softener to my washer, when my clothes came out of the dryer, they were soft and clean smelling. That would have never happened before I had the new water system. I am so pleased with my water treatment system that I have recommended it to my neighbor and she purchased one and I have also recommended RWS to one of my co-workers. I can't believe I did not do this years ago!Nancy Pelton
Houston, TX
After having lived with hard water deposits in our previous house, we wanted to get a water softener in our new home to keep it looking better longer. Larry Lankford, our salesman and lead installer, did a great job of explaining how the water softening process works and how the Hague system did the job more efficiently. The Hague Water Max has definitely lived up to Larry's promises. The installation was quick and professional and the guys did a great job drilling through our marble countertop to install the reverse osmosis water dispenser. We ended up with great tasting water, very little salt use and a trouble free system. If you don't believe us, ask our neighbors--they had one installed a week after we did.Nick & Jennifer Gardiner
Katy, TX
Fred and I are thrilled with the quality of our water. It’s a home improvement we notice every time we fill our glass directly from the faucet, every time we shower, it enhances even the simple act of washing our hands.Fred & Lori Kennedy
Cypress, TX
Larry, our salesman, was very professional and carefully went over each aspect of the Hague Watermax system. I had several questions prior to purchasing a unit. I had looked online for not only a water softener system, but a water filtration system, which would be more of a benefit to us. Before Larry was finished, I was ready to buy the product. It was exactly what I was looking for. But, even though I had a made a decision, he continued to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system using our house water, which further sold me on the product, and allowed me to sleep that night knowing I had purchased the right system for our home.

We had no problems with the installation, in fact, we were a little surprised on how quickly we were up and running after we signed the contract. Within a couple of days we were enjoying all the benefits of the system.

I initially purchased a water treatment system to protect a "Flash Water-Heater' (i.e. a tankless system). The company highly recommended a water filter of some sort to protect the heating coils in the heater. It took me about a year to finally decide to get one, and when I did finally get the Hague system, I was overwhelmed.

Immediately we noticed a difference in our drinking water, coffee, and other water based drinks. Our showers became more enjoyable and we felt so much cleaner when stepping out to dry off. Shaving became much smoother and our razor blades appear to last longer. We never have to clean the shower of hard-water calcium stains anymore (just routine cleaning). We decreased our use of clothes detergent by about one-half, and the clothes come out cleaner and softer.

Maintenance wise I have had no problems. It's basically worry free and the system uses very little salt (based on our needs). I had a small problem with water not correctly draining from the brine tank. Your service rep fixed it the next day --a loose part that just needed tightening -- the point being that the customer service was fantastic for this day and age. I know if I have any problems in the future RWS will be able to meet my needs. I would highly recommend RWS and the Hague Watermax system to anyone needing a superior residential water filter/softener system.Robert Mallek
Katy, TX
RWS provides the complete package; equipment, installation and follow up on service. The Hague unit is compact and fully enclosed in a durable corrosive free shell. We especially like the courteous and dependable salt delivery service. RWS and their personnel deliver a worry free product and service.Tom & Betsey
Tom & Betsey
I highly recommend RWS. Everyone we interfaced with was very professional. They responded with a prompt installation and was diligent in offering options and recommendations on location considering aesthetics, convenience and efficiency. I had some last minuet request for an extra outlet which they said they would be happy to provide and in the process they provided me an additional outside faucet to make things more convenient for my daily activities. We are excited at the prospect of tossing the squeegees in our showers.Gary Williamson
Wanted to send you all a quick email and thank you for our water system.

Andrew and Dean (the dream team) were great to work with and gave us everything we needed from the sale to the install. Very informed and professional and we thank you very much. We are now getting settled in our new home but just wanted to reach out and thank you for a fabulous system. The water is even better than promised. Dean will remember my favorite water is Evamore. Our new water from the tap tastes even better than my old favorite. Thanks again and hope all is well with you all.

Deb & Peter
Deb & Peter